About Us

Hello, my name is Trevor Stokes and I am the owner operator of Lets Get Wrecked Motorcycle Wreckers situated in Lilydale, Tasmania.
I started the business in 2013, however It all started way before that back in 1974 when, as a bullet proof 17 year old I got my first bike. It was a 1968 model 2 Stroke Suzuki T250. Back then the only way to get used parts was to go to the wrecking yard, ask the bloke in the so called office (usually a tin shed) if they were wrecking (in my case a Suzuki T250) what ever bike you wanted parts from and if they had one they pointed in the general location of the bike. When you found the bike, if the parts you were looking for were still there, you had to remove them yourself, take them too the office and pay, my how times have changed.
With there not being many motorbike wreckers around back then, I bought myself a doner bike, with all my mates having bikes, before long I found myself with quite a few doner bikes and it all went from there.
I work alone and do everything needed to run my business so I'm kept busy. Having used eBay to sell my parts until now I felt it was time to do my own website, so here we are.
If you buy parts for me you won't be dissapointed, I don't sell rubbish and I try very hard to discribe the parts as accurately as possible, I always mention any issues I find and include plenty of photos.
I'm not perfect by anymeans (just ask my wife) and sometimes I miss things or just simply make a mistake, If you receive a part that is not as I have described it, don't stress out, give me a ring and I'll take care of it personally, however please remember it is a used, second hand part, not a new part.
I like to treat people how I like to be treated myself with honesty and good old fashioned service, unfortunately that doesn't happen very often these days.
Thanks for using Lets Get Wrecked Motorcycle Wreckers and enjoy the experience.
Cheers Trev.
0412 119 831
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